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Middleton Basketball Club

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October 16th Update --

The information we have is that gym space through the MCPASD will NOT be made available for any sports activities until classes resume in person.  The earliest that would happen would be sometime in January.   If the MBC is able to secure gym space in January and Public Health Dane County will allow indoor practices, we will try to offer a shortened season in early 2021.  We are keeping our fingers crossed.

Obviously situations can change quickly due to the many uncertainties we face related to COVID-19, so we will keep you up to date on any major decisions related to the upcoming season.  Thank you for your time and we hope that you and your families are enjoying good health!

The MBC Board of Directors

Summer 2020 Basketball Camps

About MBC

We are a volunteer based organization passionately committed to serving and providing an environment for the youth of our community to play, grow and enjoy the game of basketball.

It is the goal and mission of the Middleton Basketball Club to ensure that players are placed in a manner to best serve the needs of the child athletes as determined by the player's age and skill level at placement evaluations. The number of competitive teams will be determined based on our policy of team sizes of 8 to 10 players and the overall skill level of the athletes being evaluated for placement. Attendance at placement evaluations does not guarantee placement on a competitive team. Evaluators may determine that a student will learn more from a recreational team than the competitive teams and will recommend that player into the program that best fits their skill level.